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After Braces

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The Most Significant Changes Happen Within the First Year.


Your teeth and bones don’t stop changing after your braces come off. In fact, people that have had bad bites that were corrected are more likely to change than people who naturally had good bites. The most significant changes can occur within the first year as it takes about nine months for your teeth, gums, and bones to get “used” to this new position. As if your teeth where in wet cement, it takes time to set. In the meantime, retainers are critical to wear for maintaining your new beautiful smile. After this time period, it is up to you. How long to wear the retainer they ask…how long do you want your teeth to be perfectly straight I answer! I will repeat this…your teeth and bones don’t stop changing after your braces come off, the body goes through changes throughout life, some people more than others. Let’s face it the teeth are not going to get any straighter!

Maintenance Committment

Since you were fortunate to have orthodontic correction, the commitment to maintain would be the best thing to do. As I tell my adult patients, if we had a retainer to prevent wrinkles, I am sure we would be wearing that every night! Therefore, we recommend wearing retainers every night…FOREVER! Don’t be upset, it is for your own good because we care and want you to look great…FOREVER!