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So You Need Braces!
How Orthodontic Treatment Works.


This is not a problem, in fact it can actually be fun. We will construct the best appliance for you. Your job is to take care of it and your teeth (clean them up) as well. Cooperating with our instructions will be the key to success. When you start treatment, you also become a part of our team.

 We will help you succeed, but we must work together to get to the finish line. Wearing your appliances and elastics (rubber bands) properly, keeping teeth and gums healthy, and avoiding the hard, sticky, and chewy foods that break your hardware will get you there quickest, then we all win! In general, comprehensive treatment takes 18 to 24 months. The biggest factors are the severity of your case and the cooperation we get from you. Good luck, you are on your way!

Nature is Amazing

Nature is an amazing and wonderful thing. Our bodies are in constant dynamic flux, responding and adapting to our environment as best can be. The sum of all forces is a state of equilibrium in which we are at the given moment. Disruptions in equilibrium can cause malocclusions (eg. thumb sucking habits are an environmental change that the bones and teeth adapt to). Fortunately, well guided changes in equilibrium cause favorable tooth movements as well. Brackets that are placed on teeth are like the handles that we can apply forces to. The wires that we insert directs the forces. When teeth “feel” these forces, it causes a biologic change that modifies the bone around it (periodontium), causing a new tooth position!