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Hi. I’m 53 years old and wore braces as a teen.  I had some permanent teeth removed, but not my wisdom teeth at the time.  Now, my bottom teeth have shifted and since I speak publicly often, they really bother me on video, etc!  I’d like to have them fixed. Some years ago I went to an orthodontist who told me not to bother because my “strong meditterenean jaw” would just shift them back again!  Recently, I sent in a mold to a company similar to Invisalign thinking they would reject me, but they said my teeth could be corrected with this option.  I’m a little leery based on what the first orthodontist said.  I like that you have various options and trust you might give me the best picture of how to correct my teeth and if it would be worth it (ie: would they stay straight?).  I’m uploading the photos I took for the recent company.  Thanks!